【DX - 最近の海外留学事情 】最小限の学費でアメリカの大学を卒業する方法

[DX - Recent Study Abroad Circumstances] How to graduate from an American university with minimal tuition

America is also advancing recurrent education.
Since the educational world has become DX, I will share a little knowledge.

Due to digitalization and labor saving, building maintenance costs, labor costs, teaching materials costs, etc. are becoming less expensive, so the problem of not being able to receive higher education due to economic disparity is becoming smaller. I feel like Also, there is no limit to the number of students who can enroll. Age and country are irrelevant. The possibilities are endless.

[Proof of English proficiency]
・First, take an English proficiency test with Duolingo (Recently, Duolingo is more popular than TOEFL).
・Test fee is $49
・Take the test online. No need to go to test center
-Results available within 48 hours after test completion

[How to take units]
・First, enroll in a university somewhere (Tuition fees are cheap online. Tuition fees for places where tuition fees are really cheap are about 500,000 to 600,000 yen by the time you graduate from a four-year university. You can enroll while in Japan.) .

It is also possible to transfer credits from universities other than the one you belong to. for example,
Courses taken at Sophia Learning and Coursera may be transferable (you need to contact the university). This is also a few dozen dollars per subject.

About 128 credits are required for graduation, but you can transfer to a real university before you finish taking them. If you want to graduate from a university with a little name value, you can transfer credits and transfer.

What makes this possible is the power of the Advanced Placement program run by the American Council on Education (ACE) , an organization that creates educational systems, and the College Board.

Credits can be transferred between institutions affiliated/nominated by such institutions. The progress of DX in educational institutions in the United States may be due to the influence of institutions that create such educational systems.

It has the power to change an entire industry. It is also important that each institution has a mechanism to sustainably generate profits. It is very interesting to see the diversity of education!
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